2016 Pool Rules and Regulatoins


Dear Members,
With the opening of the new Baby Pool, we would like to notify everyone of the pool rules & regulations that will be strictly enforced this year. The pool is for members only, but as always we encourage our members to bring guests to enjoy the amenities of the club.

Have a safe & fun summer!


Pool Rules & Regulations
Attention: New leadership and rule enforcement has been implemented. BGCC is serious about the safety of our members and children.

The lifeguards & pool staff shall at all times have the authority to maintain order and compliance with pool & club rules. Safety is their primary mission and their decisions are final. All rules & respect for staff will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with these regulations will be grounds for the exclusion from the pool area.

1st offense: 15 minute timeout
2nd offense: 30 minute timeout
3rd offense: Remainder of day suspension

Safety: Profanity is strictly prohibited. Pushing, running and horseplay will not be permitted. One person at a time on diving board. One bounce per dive. Do not sit or hang on lane lines.

Baby Pool Rules: Open to non-swimmers & their supervisors/parents only. Absolutely no horseplay around baby pool area. Any violation of these rules will result in an instant “timeout”.

General: No outside food or beverages are allowed on club property. Proper swimwear required. Golf spikes are not permitted in the pool area.

Health Rules: No glass containers of any kind are permitted within the pool. No Gum on the Deck or in the Pool. Children who are not toilet trained must wear clean, non-soiled diapers.

Guest Policy: All members and their guest must sign in before entering the pool area. Guest fee is $5.00 per guest, per day. All guest fees will be applied to member account. Members must accompany their guest at all times and are responsible for compliance of their guest with the pool rules.

Weather Policy: The pool may be cleared for inclement weather. When necessary, the pool will only be “closed” after a management decision has been made based on current weather projections. Pools will be cleared when the nearest lightning strike is within 10 miles. 30 minutes should lapse after the lightning and thunder stop before swimmers are allowed back into the water.