Our History

IMG_3783Bowling Green Country Club is nestled among approximately 1,400 acres surrounded by Barren River in all directions, in an area known as the ‘Big Bend’.

With it’s gently flowing landscape rolling away on three sides to the river, the location of BGCC, is among the most historically active regions in Southern Kentucky.

The first golfers in Bowling Green began playing around 1902 on an odd looking combination of barren ground for tees with small, sandy circles for greens.

During this time, many clubs began to form after men were stricken with “golf fever” and the desire to organize the growing number of players dictated this progression.

Some attributed a flu epidemic that struck BG in 1913 for giving golf a needed boost. Most physicians were prescribing for their patients to get out in the fresh air and open spaces, causing many to take up the game.

In October of 1913 Richard Thomas, a charter member and avid golfer, wrote the Articles of Incorporation for BGCC. To put our longevity into perspective, we should remember that there were only nine clubs in the entire state at this time.

The corporation was to be called Bowling Green Country Club, with the object being to “promote wholesome and healthful outdoor sports and to provide entertainment for and encourage sociability among the members”. Dues were $6.25 with no initiation fee and by 1930, membership was said to be well over 100.

Today, BGCC still holds the same values as our founders; promoting outdoor activities, family fun, and a community bond that will last a lifetime.

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