BGCC Membership Promotions


Members who join the Club by May 31st with a 2-year commitment pay no initiation fee ($500 value) and receive the listed discounted rates for the remainder of the 2015 year.

The following member levels are eligible for the discount:

  1. FULL membership- includes golf, tennis, swimming, socials, and room rentals for $120/month.
  2. JUNIOR membership- for members who are 32 years or younger. Includes all amenities for $50/month.
  3. SENIOR membership- for members who are 65 or older. Includes all amenities for $50/month.
  4. SOCIAL membership- includes tennis, swimming, socials, room rentals, and four golf sessions a year for $50/month.

All members pay an additional $100/month for debit reduction and capital improvements. All members also pay an annual entertainment fee of $75.

  1. Rates return to normal price at the beginning of 2016
  2. FULL- $220.50/month
  3. JUNIOR & SENIOR- $131.25/month
  4. SOCIAL- $115.50/month
  5. NON-RESIDENTIAL- $162.75